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Social Brand Strategy


Despite his company being both large and successful, owner of Saltire Motorcycles, Calum Murray felt that there were market sectors the brand was not reaching, particularly through social media.

To coordinate efforts of team members across departments and harness their existing skills and talents in the use of social media for the effective promotion of Saltire Motorcycles.


Together with the team at Saltire, helleau® conducted a series of audits, developed customer profiles, uncovered a deeper understanding of how to serve each of these, and created a social media brand strategy which defines roles, messages, audiences, and success metrics.

We also created visual representations of the customer profiles so team members have a reminder who they’re speaking to when using social media on behalf of the brand.

What helleau® did

Subjective audits.
Objective audit.
Customer profiles.
Social Media Brand Strategy.

Short and Simple®

After an initial meeting with Calum Murray, owner of Saltire Motorcycles, we performed a series of subjective audits with him and his team to understand what it is that they are collectively trying to achieve. We also created 3 core profiles to better understand who Saltire’s customers are and what their needs from the brand are on social media.

Armed with the results of the subjective audit, we performed and objective audit of what Saltire Motorcycles were actually doing in order to try and achieve their goals and service their customers.

The comparison of these two audits gave us intelligence with which to form a cohesive brand social media strategy.

Subjective and Objective Audits

Subjective and objective audits are done in this order to avoid any assumptions or biases creeping into our work. It is essential that we know what clients are attempting to do before we even look at how they are trying to do it, only by doing these in this order can we truly be objective in our evaluation and entirely reserve judgement.

Customer Profiles

As part of our initial conversation we uncovered that messages were not being tailored to different customer needs or indeed types. Just as with an in-person conversation, social media posts work best when you have an idea of who it is you’re talking to. To this end, we created 3 customer profiles for Saltire to use in their social media efforts. As with much of our work, the creation process for these profiles is both fun and intensive.

Social Media Brand Strategy

Our Social Media Brand Strategy addressed issues uncovered in both subjective and objective audits, offered recommendations and best practices to secure current successes, improve brand reach and perception and suggested future tactics to deliver on the strategy.

All of our work was underpinned and achieved using the MITS framework, the outputs of which Calum was delighted with.

unique approach

Thanks to helleau’s unique approach, my marketing team have gained an enlivened approach to our social media behaviour and rhythm, which keeps it fresh for my team, engaging for my customers and enticing for my prospective new customers.

Over the years I have explored a myriad of marketing methods in an attempt to reach new customers, often spending a lot of money in hopeful experimentation, but never have I spent marketing budget with such immediate and measurable results.

Calum MurrayOwner, Saltire Motorcycles

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