JustRight Scotland

Brand Positioning Statement


How to simply and effectively communicate what JustRight Scotland do, to a wide variety of very different audiences including:

People JustRight Scotland can help, who may have limited English or struggle with complex language.

Funders and potential donors, who they rely on to support their work.

Lawyers, legal experts and other 3rd sector organisations with whom JustRight Scotland often collaborate.


A brand positioning statement, for use both externally and internally, which encapsulates in very simple language what JRS does, and works as an effective headline for all audiences.

What helleau® did

Team, board and external stakeholder workshops.
Presentation and onboarding.

Short and Simple®

JustRight Scotland is helleau®’s pro bono client. Their original slogan “Collaborative Social Justice” was written by lawyers for lawyers. It describes how JustRight Scotland work, but in a way that only legally trained people can entirely understand. This potentially excluded many funders and potential donors, but most importantly, could be confusing or unhelpful to many of the very people who JustRight Scotland seek to help.

We worked with JRS to find a statement that is:
• easy to memorise
• easy to translate into other languages for clients who have limited English
• unambiguous.
• inclusive.

JustRight Scotland use the law to defend and extend people’s rights.

Team, board and external stakeholder workshops

To build a full picture of what JustRight Scotland does, what it aspires to be, and what could and couldn’t be said about the organisation, it was critical to interview the team, the board of trustees and key external stakeholders.

To minimise the demands made on very busy professionals, helleau® designed these workshops to be effective, productive and fun. Fun activities helped to foster a relaxed environment within which participants feel at ease with giving their gut feelings free reign to express their honest views..


MITS is the framework we have developed to run creative and strategic projects on. Building on our cornerstone of diagnosing before proscribing, it begins with a discovery phase:

Mining – unearths not only requirements, goals and drivers, but also, problems, concerns and obstacles.

Interrogation – where difficult questions are asked of the mined knowledge to dew hat is critical, any cross overs or gaps.

Testing – ensuring answers and learnings from the prior phase are applicable, workable and yield reasonable answers.

Simplifying – taking all the prior experience, knowledge and testing to distil a pure and succinct truth.

Presentation and onboarding

In our presentations to the board of trustees and the team, we explained our processes, and the thinking that drove the journey from the workshop feedback, through the MITS framework, to the positioning statement we have delivered:

JustRight Scotland use the law to defend and extend people’s rights.

We see presentation and onboarding plays an important role in ensuring that key stakeholders within organisations embrace work we have delivered, giving them the opportunity to ask questions and make the connection themselves between their participation in the processes, and the finished product.

helleau® are proud to work with JustRight Scotland as our pro bono client for the second year running, Jen Ang, co-founder has this to say about our work:

substantial impact

helleau have given exceptional value to JustRight Scotland over the past two years, through our pro bono partnership, ranging from advice around using digital and social media strategy to raise public awareness of our work, to a major piece of work: delivering our new brand positioning statement.

We knew that we were consistently failing to reach our target audience and that people were struggling to understand what exactly we do, but we didn’t know how to change that. Andrew ran a series of fun and engaging workshops with our board, team and key stakeholders, which got us all thinking, and laughing! He also sat down with me and my co-founder, to getting a more detailed understanding of what we do, and how we describe our most important audiences.

When Andrew presented the positioning statement, it was a surprise – so simple, and yet also, so uniquely right for us! We are very grateful for helleau’s continued support and the substantial impact of this piece of work, which helps us connect more effectively with the people who count for us, in all we do, every day.

Jen AngCo-founder, JustRight Scotland

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