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helleau® work with a very small number of clients to do exceptional work:

  • Like the Brand Strategy work we did for Brand Scotland.
  • Like the Masters modules on Digital Marketing and Search Marketing we have developed and delivered in The University of Dundee.
  • Like the Brand Positioning work we did for JustRight Scotland.

It has long been our desire to be available to clients even if they don’t have the budget to engage us – and in 2020 we introduced a learn-with-helleau® course Introduction to Digital Marketing to teach our expertise in a reworked version of a module we had created for Masters’ students.

Following the success of this first course, we are putting together Short and Simple® courses which are designed to help people help themselves quickly and with confidence.

We offer courses on:


  • Shaping Perceptions – How can you affect how you’re perceived?
  • Brand Positioning – How do you want to be seen?
  • Brand Strategy – What will your brand do?
  • Is Your Brand Yin or Yang? – And why does that matter to your customers?
  • Brand Elevation – What are those details that make your brand shinier than your competitors’ brands?
  • Brand Naming (simple) – Need a name that will work in a hurry?
  • Brand Naming (advanced) – Have a little more time to get your name right?
  • Finding a Kick-Ass Domain Name – Only need a domain name?
  • Brand Consistency – Do your messages match your actions?
  • Define Your Values, Vision and Mission – Do you have your guiding principles worked out?
  • Personal Branding – How can I present my best self to the world?

Digital Marketing

  • Social Media Strategy – What will we do on Social Media?
  • Platform Appropriate Messaging – What works where?
  • Analytics Basics – How to measure successes?
  • Simple Selling on WordPress – Want to start selling in 15 minutes?
  • Search Engine Theory – How do they even work?
  • Defining Success Metrics – What makes sense to measure?
  • Creating Content – How to please your customers AND Google
  • Curating Content – Can you make other people’s content work for you, legally and ethically?
  • Keyword Research – What do your clients and customers want?
  • Customer Profiling – Do you understand your customers’ needs?
  • Setting up WordPress for Success – What makes for a solid secure and fast setup?
  • Crafting the Perfect Webpage – What do your pages need to do for your customers and for Google?
  • Making the Most of Twitter – Are you being heard among the noise?
  • Making the Most of Facebook – Is your brand even seen?
  • Making the Most of LinkedIn – Is the professional network working for YOU?
  • Making the Most of Instagram – Does the algorithm love you?
  • Owning the First Page of Google for Your Brand – What if all the results were yours?

Frameworks, Methods and Pop. Psychology

  • MITS Framework – How simple can complex be made?
  • Short and Simple® – Can you eliminate complexity?
  • Surprise and Delight – How can you delight your customers with pleasant surprises?
  • Discovery – Who and what is your brand?
  • How to be Remarkable – Is your brand worthy of being talked about?
  • The Risk of Rewards – Why are intrinsic rewards valuable, but extrinsic rewards are risky?
  • Selling What You Know – How can I make my knowledge profitable?
  • How to explain what you do in 10 seconds – What if the elevator pitch is too long?
  • The Perfect Tinder Profile – Can you increase your chance of getting swiped?

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