Learn with helleau® – An Introduction to Digital Marketing

14th September – 19th October

  • Learn the basics of digital marketing
  • Build your own website as you learn
  • Pre-recorded lessons
  • Weekly live Q&A session
  • Private community for discussion, sharing and peer learning
  • Available everywhere that has internet
  • Lifetime access to all materials

Learn from someone who has been doing digital marketing for 20 years, and for 13 of those years had the number 1 ranked website for ‘social media Scotland’ – this is no ordinary professor

Seen enough already?

Want to see the pre-course preparation video?

This is the Preparing for Digital Marketing video which is allows students enrolled in the course to get all the assets together that they will need for the course.

The resources in the video are here:
Bluehost – hosting & domain name*

*if you use my link for Bluehost I will earn a small commission on any sale – you are not obliged to use this link.

3rd Cohort Starting 14th September 2020

Sign-ups open until 13th September 2020

In this 6 week course, you will:

  • Build a website which:
  • Can be found in search engines
  • Can be promoted on social media
  • Has great content
  • Can measure its impact

All for £200

From 24th August 2020, we are running an introduction to digital marketing course, this is a version of a module we have designed and delivered to MSc students in the University of Dundee since 2016.

The version of the course being offered to the public focusses on the practical elements of this course as opposed to the academic and guides participants through creating a website, populating it with compelling content, making sure it can be found on search engines, promoting it through social media channels, measuring the results and looking to the future for growth and strategy.

Some past students have been kind enough to share their testimonials with us, you’ll find them littering this page.

Moving online

In 2020 we have had to investigate the possibility of delivering part of our teaching online – seems fitting for a module on digital marketing!

Starting 15th June 2020 our founder, Andrew Burnett, will run an online version of this successful and innovative module to the general public.


Learn the basics of digital marketing with our founder, Andrew Burnett. Over the course of 6 weeks we will build a website together and learn the basics of how it all works, in simple pre-recorded video lessons. Each week there will be a live Q&A session with Andrew too.

PRE-SESSION: Choosing a domain name – how to choose a name that will work well. If you want a “kick-ass” brand name, check out our Short and Simple® Brand Naming Course – you can use the name you create there too!

SESSION 1: creating a website and hosting – how to set up your domain, hosting and install WordPress, creating the look and feel of your website and the fundamental pages you will need.

SESSION 2: creating compelling content on your website – making stuff for folk to read and look at.

SESSION 3: search engine optimisation introduction – making sure your website gets found.

SESSION 4: linking social media to your website – giving you many ways to share your website.

SESSION 5: analytics – knowing what’s happening with your website.

SESSION 6: growth – what to do next to continue your success.

What you get:

  • Pre-recorded classes.
  • Downloadable resource for each class
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions.
  • Lifetime access to recordings of the live seminars
  • Lifetime access to a private Facebook community


£200 per participant, this covers everything except the domain name and hosting.

A domain name and hosting will be additional costs, they are not necessary to participate, but will be needed if students wish to replicate what we’re doing. These are not sold by helleau®, but we have an item in the Facebook group about it.

How do I sign up?

It is very easy:

  1. Pay the £200
  2. Remember to fill out your Facebook username – if you want to be in the Private Facebook Group.
  3. On the thank you page there is a link to the Private Facebook group for the course.
  4. We will also email you the link, don’t worry.


Feel free to contact us using the form below if you have any questions, or hit us up on social media.

The history of this course

  • 2016

    Module Created

    In 2016, helleau® designed and delivered a module on digital marketing to 24 MSc students in the University of Dundee’s Business School. It was an innovation for a university to offer a practical module delivered by an industry expert practitioner as opposed to an academic.

  • 2017

    72 students

    In 2017 the class trebled in size, clearly word had got out.


  • 2020

    140 students

    We have delivered this module every year since. In total over 400 Masters students have taken this module – in 2020 the class contained 140 students from all over the world!

Previous students said…

When I first signed up to take part in Helleau’s ‘intro to digital marketing’ course I was a little apprehensive as the closest I had been to digital marketing was posting a selfie on Instagram.

However, the course was very well structured and I found I could understand and engage with the course material very easily. Andrew was incredibly helpful whenever I got stuck with anything, answered all my questions within the hour and our weekly Q&A call always left me looking forward to the next weeks material.

I can’t recommend the course highly enough, from what Andrew has taught me in just a few short weeks I am now able to create my own website, develop my own digital marketing strategies and promote my services through a variety of social media platforms.

If Helleau ever offer any other course like this one, I would be very excited to participate.

I didn’t know anything about digital marketing before taking the module with Andrew. I barely knew what the term entails.

The course equipped me with the right knowledge to be able to take digital marketing as a career choice. Today I’m a digital marketer and growth hacker, all thanks to Andrew.

His teaching ways are very practical and he has the ability to empower his students with tools and knowledge required in the current market. Andrew also has a lot to offer in terms of his own experience with online marketing and learnings from that.

He truly understands the essence of viral content, product marketing and gauging what the consumer would engage with.

Amna AhsanFormer MSc Student, University of Dundee

I was Andrew’s student at The University of Dundee and since it was a digital marketing course I had high expectations because today’s marketer job has become very complex.

My expectations have not only been met but exceeded by the way Andrew taught the class.

He has a unique mix of hands-on experience and theory which have been interwoven in such a way that it creates an easy to follow and comprehensive flow.

Digital marketing is easy to learn if is taught well and Andrew certainly knew how to do that.

Cristian TarauFormer MSc Student, University of Dundee

Andrew taught us Digital Marketing for our Masters course at University of Dundee.

Entering into it I had no idea about the Digital side of marketing but that changed very soon because of his teaching. Only in few weeks I had a lot of knowledge about it and actually started to love the subject. And all the credit goes to Andrew. His dedication and knowledge is commendable.

His lectures are not only informative but also fun. I am very grateful for his efforts and time that he put into us.

Riya ShahFormer MSc Student, University of Dundee

Honestly, the Digital Marketing course and the Search Marketing (where you were the teacher as well) were the most interesting courses I attended during my MSc experience.

Your knowledge in these fields are impressive and I think you are a great teacher! The best things during the course were the case studies and the group assessment we did.

I learned a lot and thanks to you I got passionate about Digital Marketing.

Antonio VentreFormer MSc Student, University of Dundee