Short and Simple® Brand Naming

Our “Name your brand in 7 steps” mini-guide is entirely FREE and sets out the very minimum we think you should consider when naming a brand. To learn more about choosing a great name for your brand, this page is a great place to keep reading.

Brand Naming Mini Guide

If you have some budget you can also buy our Short and Simple® Brand Naming Kit. You can use the kit yourself (DIY); with helleau®‘s help (DWY); or, for those with deeper pockets, helleau® can deliver an evaluated shortlist of names that work.

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Free Brand Naming Mini Guide not enough?

helleau® also have a Short and Simple® Brand Naming Kit for people who want a more process for naming their brands.

It is available as a Do It Yourself kit with everything you will need to create a great brand name that will work on- and offline. For people who want a bit of hand-holding but still want to spend the time and use their own creativity we have a Done-With-You version and, for people who want helleau® research, ideate, evaluate and present a shortlist of workable names we even have a Done-For-You version: